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Revolutionizing mental health care for better outcomes

Our Method

We aim to integrate well-researched mental health treatments with seven foundational aspects of health:


  1. Mindfulness

  2. Rest

  3. Nutrition

  4. Movement

  5. Social Connection

  6. Nature

  7. Spirituality, Purpose and Meaning


Every one of us is on an expedition and most of us have encountered suffering along the way. We are here to act as guides during the most difficult parts of your mental health journey. Your treatment team will assess which stage of the journey you find yourself in now:


  1. Seeking Relief

  2. Seeking Healing

  3. Optimizing Mind, Body and Spirit

  4. Thriving in Life


We recognize that most people seeking mental health treatment are in need of relief from painful symptoms. As your guides, we hope to accompany you from symptom-relief to mental healing. Healing work may involve ketamine infusion treatments for treatment resistant depression or chronic trauma, a course of psychotherapy, a mindfulness intervention and other specific, psychiatric treatments.


Once you have experienced symptom relief and healing, you may choose to focus on optimizing your overall health - mind, body and spirit. As a psychiatric practice, health optimization is important to us because we know that many psychiatric conditions are associated with chronic medical conditions and shortened lifespans. There cannot be optimal mental health without physical and spiritual health. You will be invited to explore more deeply mindfulness practices, rest, nutrition, movement, social connection, nature and spirituality.


The ultimate destination is a thriving life. Our greatest hope is that you pursue a life that is not simply devoid of mental health symptoms but steeped in a sense of purpose, meaning and love.

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